How To Do Parking Facing Downhill

parking facing downhill

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Now that you’ve learned how to parallel park, reverse park, and forward park, the next tutorial in our parking series discusses how to park facing downhill.

Step 1: Find a safe parking spot with enough room

If you think that there is not enough room for you to park in or you feel unsafe doing so, simply move on and search for a different parking spot.

Step 2: Signal to the right

Signalling is important because it lets the drivers behind you know that you plan to park on the side.

Step 3: Pull over to the side by steering wheel to the right

Once it is safe to do so, you enter the parking spot as you are steering your wheel to the right.

Step 4: Before hitting the curb, steer wheel to the left to align the car

Check your surroundings and the side mirror to know if you’ll be hitting the curb. Before you hit the curb, steer the wheel to the left to allow the car to angle itself in the parking spot. Do any necessary adjustment to straighten your car.

Step 5: Since you’re parking downhill, face wheels towards the right, facing the curb

Facing your wheels towards the right when parking downhill is a safety measure to prevent your car from skidding dangerously.

Step 6: Park gear, handbrake, and turn off your engine

As mentioned in the previous parking tutorials, never forget these steps! Make sure that you also carefully open your door when stepping out of your car.

Here’s a quick video recap of these six easy steps!

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