How To Do Reverse Parking

reverse parking

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Now that you’ve read our blog on parallel parking, the next parking technique we’ll be covering is the reverse parking. Check out these easy steps to reverse park like a pro!

Step 1: Find a parking spot

Make sure there is enough room for your car to fit in.

Step 2: Signal to the direction of your parking spot

This allows cars and pedestrians to know you’re parking.

Step 3: Position your car bumper three spots forward and press brakes

Count your parking spot as spot 1, the spot in front of it as spot 2, and the car ahead of it as spot 3. When positioning your car, allow your car to be at least three feet away from the parking spaces.

Step 4: Reverse Gear and check your vicinity

Aside from checking all the mirrors, check over your shoulder to see if it would be safe to reverse.

Step 5: Max turning your driving wheel towards the direction you are going to

As you let go of your brakes, move backwards while carefully pressing gas.

Step 6: Straighten driving wheel

Now that you’re in the parking spot, straighten the wheels of your car by adjusting the driving wheel back to its normal position.

Step 7: Park gear, handbrake, and turn off your engine

Congratulations! Now park your car, pull up the handbrake, and turn off your engine. Look around as you slowly open your door as well to make sure you don’t collide with a person or the vehicle beside you.

Check out the video below to see a review of these 7 easy steps!

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