How To Do Parallel Parking

parallel parking

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Check out these easy steps on how to do parallel parking. Mastering this skill allows you to easily park every day and also helps you ace your road test.

Step 1: Find a parking spot

When choosing a parking spot, make sure there is enough room for yourself to park in. If you are new to parallel parking, it might be helpful looking for a curb that has 1 1/2 of your car’s size to give yourself more room to park in.

Step 2: Signal right

Signalling right allows the drivers behind you to know that you are planning to parallel park. This makes them adjust to the flow of traffic accordingly.

Step 3: Align your car

Align the side mirror of your car with the side mirror of the car in front of where you want to park if the car is approximately the same size as your car or smaller. If the car is bigger, align yourself from bumper to bumper.

Step 4: Check car distance

Make sure that after aligning your car, the distance between the two vehicles are 2-3 feet away from each other.

Step 5: Step on brakes

Step on the brakes to avoid the car from moving while you do the next steps.

Step 6: Put your car on the reverse setting and check vicinity

When placing your car on reverse, check the vicinity to see if there are any vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists near your car.

Step 7: Turn your driving wheel one full turn to the right

Do one full turn (360º ) of your driving wheel to the right to prepare yourself to move in the direction of the curb.

Step 8: Let go of the brakes and check the tail light of the car in front

As you let go of the brakes, the car will start moving in the direction you want it to go. Keep reversing until you notice that your right side mirror covers a section of the tail light of the car in front of you.

Step 9: Step on brakes again

Step on the brakes again to avoid the car from moving while you do the remaining steps.

Step 10: Turn your driving wheel all the way to the left and check vicinity

While on brakes, adjust your driving wheel by turning it all the way to the left to allow your vehicle to enter to fully enter the parking space. Make sure to check your vicinity again.

Step 11: Let go of the brakes and reapply once positioned

As you let go of the brakes, your vehicle should start settling in your parking spot. Once your vehicle is aligned to the car in front, reapply the brakes.

Step 12: Straighten your wheels

After fitting perfectly in your parking spot, straighten your wheels.

Step 13: Park gear, handbrake and turn off your engine

Put your car in the park gear and use your handbrake. Don’t forget to turn off your engine after completing all these parallel parking steps.

Check out the video below to view a step-by-step summary of what you learned from today!

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