Passing Your G2: Why Having Your Driving Instructor’s Car Is Useful

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Many driving schools offer different packages. Each package comes with unique perks, the best of which being the use of your driving instructors car. While this may cost a little bit extra it is well worth it as there are many benefits to you as well as your G2 test examiner. 

You’re more comfortable

Unless you’ve been practicing with your own car more than your lessons, chances are the car you drive the most belongs to your driving instructor. This is good for you, your instructor, and your test examiner. This is because not only are you comfortable in your driving instructor’s car, the car is also probably well maintained because it is used to train a lot of students and needs to be kept at a certain standard. It also helps that since you’ve been driving with this car for a while you know what you’re doing and that makes you a more confident driver which shows on your test. One thing to always be while driving is confident which can seem hard to do. One tip to being more confident in your driving is to practice talking through the motions. It’s the same as when you’re studying for a test and you write the same piece of information multiple times over. The more you say it, the more likely you’ll remember it, whether that be signaling before a turn or counting how long to stay at a stop sign. 

You get to bring your driving instructor with you

Usually when you purchase the package that offers your driving instructor’s car, it means you have to bring your driving instructor with you (it is their car after all). This is one of the biggest benefits to someone about to take their road test for many reasons. 

  1. You can book a lesson before the test

When your driving instructor is coming with you it usually means they take the time before your test off from teaching students. This means you can ask them to give you a quick lesson before the test. This allows your driving instructor to see you drive fresh and be able to hone in on the weak points in your driving and correct them so that they don’t cause you to lose points or even fail the test. 

  1. Reassurance

After going through 10-11 lessons together, you should be pretty comfortable with your driving instructor, almost friends. This level of comfort really helps the morning before the test. Developing this bond of driving together and going through all the ups and downs of being a new driver together, it’s good that they are there with you to offer moral support and reassurance and also remind you of small things to look out for on the test. 

  1. It helps not only you, but other people 

Odds are your driving instructor has gone with other students for their road test. This is beneficial to you and any other students who are going on the same day for their test. Usually, if you book a lesson before the road test your instructor will take you to the area that the test will take place in and show you difficult spots the examiner might take you during the test. Whether that be a difficult turn or a hidden stop sign. 

Extra mirror and a passenger brake pedal

The first time you drove your driving instructor’s car you must have noticed the extra side mirror or maybe even the brake pedal on the passenger side of the car. These added bonuses are usually to help new drivers be extra safe on the road. The inclusion of this brake pedal also makes your test examiner more confident when getting in the car for your test. Remember, when you go for your G2 test you technically have no license yet, so having the extra brake pedal for your examiner to use (even as an option) could make your road test go a lot smoother. With the additional mirror it allows your test examiner to see along the side of the car and see exactly what you see which means they’ll feel more at ease when you’re switching lanes or making a turn. 

You paid for it, why not use it?

This one is simple. Usually, when a package offers the use of your driving instructor’s car it means you might have paid a little bit more to do it. With Hi-Tech Driver Education, you get the use of your instructor’s car as well as 1 extra in-car lesson. If you want to do a smaller-sized package, all training packages include the use of the driving instructor’s car. 

These 4 reasons as to why you should use your driving instructor’s car on the road test are sure to make your test go a lot smoother. Not only will your driving instructor be there for moral support, but they will also teach and correct your smaller mistakes before the test. The car itself having bonus features will not only help you in your driving but also put your examiner at ease. Check out our packages to see which option works best for you!

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