7 Reasons Why The Best Driving School In Toronto Is Hi-Tech Driver Education

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Selecting which driving school to attend can be a big decision for anybody, from teens and other new drivers to experienced ones who have recently immigrated or are in the process of getting their G. While there are many different schools to choose from, each with their own pros and cons, this blog today will talk about what makes Hi-Tech Driver Education the right driving school for you and the best in Toronto.

High Rating and Tons of Reviews

Hi-Tech Driver Education was awarded “Top 3 Driving Schools in Toronto” by Three Best Rated. This website rated these driving schools using a 50-point inspection which included experience, social media presence, reviews, and even website info. The website also highlights our strengths and specialties as well as a video on Youtube with all our driving school’s info. This is the second year in a row that Hi-Tech Driver Education was given this title, which means we have been consistently one of the top driving schools in Toronto and hope to achieve this for a third year, barring any Covid-19 complications!

We were also awarded Top 25 Most Popular Driving Lessons in Toronto for 2020. This honour was awarded by Driving Lessons Canada which is the leading online marketplace for driving lessons. This recognition means that the hard work that our driving school is putting in is being recognized and appreciated. We will continue to work towards getting all of our students fully licensed.

Speaking on reviews, Hi-Tech Driver Education is currently the only school with over 1200+ reviews and a 4.9-star rating. This means not only do we satisfy all our customer’s needs, but we also create friendships with our students so that they are able to leave accurate reviews on their experiences using us. 

Free Pick-Up/Drop-Off

If you live within the area’s our driving school caters to then we offer free pick-up and drop off. We have many different areas that we service which include Toronto and North York. Usually what this means is that when students have a lesson scheduled with us the driving instructor will pick them up from their house where they will then drive the previous student home and then drive to pick-up the student with the next scheduled lesson time. 

With covid-19 restrictions we still offer this service, however, it will not involve other students at the same time. Only one-on-one time which keeps students and instructors both safe. Instructors are also required to sanitize their car between student pick-ups. 

Easy Payment

Our driving school prices are on par or less than many of the others in our area. We also allow students to pay all up front or in multiple smaller installments. We like to make sure our students are able to have the most convenient solution regardless of their financial situation. Our driving school also offers multiple packages that include more hours for driver’s that may need some extra help, as well as single in-car lessons for people looking to brush up their existing skills. This means that even after students complete their G2 road test they can still do extra lessons to improve their highway driving skills before becoming a fully licensed G driver. Since our schedule is flexible we are also able to accommodate any season, so if a student has trouble driving in the winter we are here to help!

Booking the Road Test

After our students finish their in-car lessons they can leave their road test booking to us, their driving school. We will book the test for the earliest available time slot that is also able to work into our student’s schedule. Our lessons are personalized for every driver. We even have small driving skills assessments to make sure our students are 100% prepared and are able to pass their G2 test, hopefully, on the first try! 

Certified Driving School and Instructors

Not only are your driving instructors government certified with multiple years of experience, the driving school itself is MTO certified which means after completing the required in-class and in-car hours you receive a discount on insurance! Our driving instructors also offer specialized support for new drivers and have been known to display great amounts of patience and understanding in their teaching practices. 

Online Curriculum 

With these ever-changing times with Covid-19, we are invested in maintaining a level of safety for instructors but also students. With this in mind, we have moved all in-person classes to an online platform, this means any in-class sessions have been moved to online (with no change to curriculum) and our in-car lessons are done one-on-one whenever we are out of the red zone! Be sure to check out any Covid-19 updates before going out or booking in-car lessons!


Not only are our driving instructors certified, but we also have some that are bilingual. We currently support languages such as English, French, Punjabi, Hindi, Tagalog, and Ilocano. We want to make sure everybody is getting the education they need and that we are able to provide it. 

In conclusion, not only does Hi-Tech Driver Education has all of these amazing features and qualities, but we are also accredited by Three Best Rated and our numerous 5-star customer reviews. Our students’ success is our success and if you have any questions you can use the contact page!

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