A helpful guide for Re-starting Driver Training

guide for restarting in-car driver training

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The Ontario government announced on July 17th this year that they are re-starting in-car driver training for stage 2 in the province, allowing all BDE (beginner driving education) schools to get back to work. 

While there are some new restrictions, from October 2nd 2020 Ontario driving schools have started operations again and students who were learning or wanting to start to learn are now able to.

Hi-Tech Driver Education is also operating in-car training for students effective immediately. Of course, safety is of the utmost importance, so we made changes in accordance with the Government of Ontario and their guidelines to ensure our learners are safe on the road as well as from COVID-19. 

Additional conditions for driver training safety

  1. We will only allow one student per motor vehicle at all time. No pick-ups of more than one student on the way to the DriveTest Centre will be allowed.
  2. We will allow only one driving instructor per vehicle. (Unless under rare circumstances more than one instructor is absolutely necessary for the reason of learning). 
  3. Both student and instructor must wear a mask at all times inside the vehicle.
  4. Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of the vehicle is required.

Your safety is our priority

We will be cleaning our car before and after each person enters or exits the car as we will do our absolute best to ensure the safety of both our students and teachers so that they can learn and teach with as little worry as possible.

For more information about restrictions and guidelines click here to get to the Ontario government website!

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