6 Useful Car Accessories for New Drivers

car accessories for new drivers

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New drivers are ones that have just passed their G2 and are able to drive by themselves. Usually, that means they will be driving their parent’s car (or if they have the funds, buying one for themselves). To help them adjust, we at Hi-Tech Driver Education have found six useful car accessories (and a few extra ones that can be helpful but unnecessary) for new drivers. 

Phone Holder 

One of the most important things new drivers can have in their car is a phone holder. You can buy them for low prices at Walmart or order them online from Amazon. There are many different versions; there are ones that you can plug into your vent and others that stick onto your windshield or dashboard. Some older model cars do not have Bluetooth so having a phone holder gives you the ability to answer calls hands-free (which makes you safer on the road). 

Blind Spot Mirror

Every side mirror has a blind spot. Simple as that. Although your driving instructors will teach you the best ways to check your blind spot (by turning your head), you can also add small blind spot mirrors to your existing side mirrors. It could be useful for new drivers by giving them an extra level of vision while driving. This will improve the safety of the new drivers as well as the safety of those around them. 

Snow Brush (with Squeegee and Ice Scraper) 

This car accessory is a must-have, especially for those that live in places that snow. A snow brush will have bristles on one side, squeegee on the other and at the other end will have an ice-scraper. Having all three will help you during the winter and summer months. The brush and ice-scraper will help you clean off your car after parking outside and the squeegee will help after a car wash to get all the excess water off your windshield. 

Dash Cam

Another important car accessory for not just new drivers but everyone is the dashcam. Having at least a front dash cam will keep you safe and honest in the event of a car accident. Having a dashcam means that any time you are on the road it is being recorded which can keep people accountable and potentially lessen careless driving practices. You can also invest in both a front and back dash cam. Having a back dash cam will help you see things that happen behind you that you might not be aware of and also help the case of being rear-ended

Jumper Cables

Regardless of what kind of car you are driving you must keep jumper cables in your car in case of emergency. When your car battery dies you are going to need help to boost it. The people who offer to help you may not have jumper cables (although everyone should) so it is best to be prepared and keep them on you at all times. 


Most cars for new drivers will be base models, which means you get the car and very limited extra features. This also means you most likely will not have a GPS in your car. There are many different ways to get around this. You can buy a phone holder and use it to hold your phone up while it’s giving you directions, or you can just buy a GPS. Having an external GPS can be better than using your phone because in most cases it uses satellites. Using your phone means you will have to be using wifi or data to see your route. Having a GPS will alleviate the amount you spend on data in the long run and keep you from getting lost.

Extra Accessories For New Drivers

For pet owners, you might want to invest in a back seat cover. This will cover the back and bottom of your car seats so that you will not have to worry about your furry friend’s fur in the car. 

For people that live in snowy climates, having some decent floor mats is important. They will collect all the melted snow and dirt off of your shoes and they are easy to clean afterwards. 

If you do not want to have to brush off your windshield after every snowfall they do offer windshield covers that you can put on before leaving your car for the night. It will sit on your windshield and then in the morning, you can peel it off with all the snow. 

In conclusion, there are many different accessories that you can get to make the transition into solo driving easier. There are other, more frivolous things you can buy like trash holders or trunk organizers, however, the six items listed above are some of the more important items that any new driver should look into. Not just for their safety, but the safety of the car and the people around them (both pedestrians and other cars). If there is an issue with road knowledge even after getting your G2, Hi-Tech Driver Education does offer singular road lessons to freshen up skills and keep you driving confidently

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