5 Things to help you become a more confident driver

Confident driver

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What can we do to become a confident driver? We get it, it’s your first time out on the road and it’s scary. You realize that there is no driving instructor for guidance, it’s necessary to actually know where you’re going. Here’s the good news, the feeling doesn’t last that long. It’s super easy to build up your confidence once you’ve passed the test and have your car insurance sorted out. However, If you still feel a little uncomfortable, take a look at these quick tips that might help you become a more confident driver. 

Confidence comes with time

You’ve passed your test! we understand that doesn’t mean you feel the confidence to take on a long road trip or make a trip downtown during rush hour. Don’t be too hard on yourself, be patient, and give yourself the time to get more comfortable behind the wheel. It’s not a race, it’s just a journey. Don’t worry,  the way to be a confident driver is not so long that you think.

Get out on your own

A passenger in the seat next to you can increase the pressure of driving sometimes, making you even more nervous and more prone to making a mistake. Go out on your own, just around the corner, get a feel for your car and how you feel behind the wheel. Being out on your own will make you a more confident driver overtime. 

Practice makes perfect!

The only way to be a confident driver is by getting out on the road more. Take a short trip, even if it means it’s just around your local neighborhood. Be sure to include a pit stop to park in order to get more experience. You should also try planning these trips during different parts of the day in order to get a feel for the road conditions during different times of the day.

Sign up for advanced driving courses

There are a few extra driving courses that could be taken even after your initial test to give you the extra boost of confidence you need. These courses are catered towards new drivers to help build up the skills they already have. You can become a more confident driver within a matter of a couple of hours by learning to drive through rural roads, different weather conditions, and various times of the day. 

If you’re still feeling a little unsure about driving or haven’t been out on the road in a while, Hi-Tech Driver Education offers a booster course that can give you a confidence boost and remind you how to do things best.

Stick to the speed limit

Speed limits are vital to follow, being below or over the speed limit could both be extremely dangerous, especially when it comes to highway driving. Speeding could make you feel out of control and lead to skidding or slipping which will not help your driving confidence in any way or form.

If you have an apparatus such as the “black box” staying within the speed limit would be vital to keep your insurance cost low. 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Confidence is not built in a day. However, it surely comes to you when you take steps.  You don’t need to be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes become your knowledge, and it is the way to learn.  If you are looking for a place where you can practice driving to be a confident driver, we are the best driving school in Toronto! We are equipped with best-in-class facilities and hire certified drivers with several years of experience to teach our students and help you become a confident driver! Our location is in the heart of North York, but offer free pick up and drop off for our students. For more details, click Hi-Tech Driver Education


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