Driving Alone For The First Time? Here’s What You Need To Know.

driving alone

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Hello everyone, welcome to the blog post we prepared as Hi-Tech Driver Education. This week, we’ve prepared a blog post that we think will interest alone drivers or first-time alone drivers. Let’s start our article called Driving Alone For The First Time Here’s What You Need To Know.

No matter how comfortable you are with your driving test, we all have an acceleration in our hearts the first time we hit the road. This stress can be even more significant in dense and crowded cities such as the areas we serve. Most of you may know or have heard of before, but one in five new drivers is likely to be involved in a traffic accident in their first year. These types of accidents can happen because of being too cautious while driving alone, with the chance of having an accident over self-confidence while driving alone.

We mentioned it in our previous blog post. Going fast, going too slow and being too cautious cause us to crash, as well as being too confident.

1. It is essential to stay calm and confident enough when driving alone

You may have read the news that the driver who was afraid of spiders had an accident in North Vancouver on September 15, 2021. Maybe you don’t understand how this example relates to our topic. Let me tell you, if we don’t keep our calm, we can make wrong or dangerous decisions out of fear and panic. That’s why we need to maintain our composure at all times, not just at first when driving alone. Remember, you’ve already spent the last few weeks going with your tutor, so there’s nothing to panic about!

2. If you’re afraid of panicking, spend your first few rides making sure you’re not driving alone.

While you were studying for the driving test, your driving instructor was sitting on your right. Therefore, it will be more comfortable for you to take someone with you for your first few rides after getting your driver’s license. I don’t think you would go to the nearest Starbucks without a friend. So it may be good for you to sit next to an experienced driver.

3. Show that you are the new driver.

While driving alone for the first time, many of us may find ourselves panicking in traffic and shouting inside the car, “Don’t you realize I’m the new driver?”. I totally understand this feeling, but how do you expect people to know that you are a new driver? You can get a magnet in your car because you can’t stick your head out of your window and shout; hello, I’m a new driver, and I’m driving alone for the first time.

You can attach and remove these magnets whenever you want, and at the same time, I think it will help you breathe a sigh of relief as other drivers around you notice you.

4. Don’t leave your comfort zone.

I know you may not have heard this before. Often we need to get out of our comfort zone to improve ourselves. I still agree with this idea, but when driving alone, try to choose roads that you know like the back of your hand for your first few rides.

Searching for a new place in navigation can be stressful and dangerous for first-time alone drivers. Looking at the phone screen and following the road simultaneously can be a source of stress for first-time drivers. So try not to step out of your comfort zone the first few times.

5. Driving at the right time is vital for driving alone.

We all know that it is more comfortable to drive when the traffic is not heavy. Driving at busy intersections and during rush hours, such as business entry and exit times, can stress you out. It will be easier for you as an alone driver to get on the road as the traffic is less heavy late morning or early afternoon. When the traffic is less bulky.

6. Know what you are using.

Master the features of the car you drive. Fog lights, hazard warning flashers, screen wash, satellite navigation, even the radio – groping for control while driving is a dangerous distraction. You don’t need to stress now as you will have plenty of time to learn these.

7. Drive in good weather conditions.

Weather conditions are one of the most significant factors affecting driving. Take your first alone rides in good weather conditions whenever possible. Because until you feel the car struggling to gain traction on an icy road, you may have no idea what it’s like. The time to gain experience in such situations is not immediately for a first-time alone driver. With the expertise you accumulate over time, you will gain the knowledge you need in less than perfect weather conditions.

8.Don’t be afraid to practice.

Maybe we saved one of the most critical issues for last. Not driving for a certain period after getting your license puts you under more stress when an alone driver. As you gain experience, you start to feel more comfortable.

We know that owning a car is not an easy thing. If you don’t have a car to drive after getting your license, you can request to use your family members’ car. Please note that while driving someone else’s car, this can cause severe problems if you do not have your name as the driver on the car’s insurance.

We can’t turn it off without reminding you that it’s essential to set up insurance before you start driving. No matter how prepared you are, even the most experienced drivers crash sometimes, so the right insurance coverage can save time and money.

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