How To Do Parking Facing Uphill Without A Curb

Uphill Without A Curb

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We are back to doing another uphill parking tutorial, but this time, we will teach you how to park without a curb! If you have been following our parking blog tutorials, this tutorial will be pretty easy since all the steps are similar to the previous tutorial on parking uphill with a curb, except for step 5 (the positioning of the wheels)!

Step 1: Find a parking spot

Quickly scan the vicinity and look for a parking spot that has ample space for you to safely park in.

Step 2: Use your right turn signal

Signal right to let others know that you are planning to park on the side.

Step 3: Carefully steer to the right and position your car in the spot

Do this when the area is clear and it is safe to do so. Do a shoulder check to make sure there is no pedestrian or an obstacle you may face as you start steering to the right.

Step 4: Check the side mirrors and surroundings, then steer to the left before you hit the curb

This step allows you to straighten your car in the parking spot

Step 5: Since you’re parking uphill without a curb, face wheels TOWARDS THE RIGHT

This will prevent your car from skidding dangerously while you are parked when there is NO curb

Step 6: Park gear, handbrake, and turn off your engine

As stressed in our previous tutorials, remember to do these steps whenever you park!

Need a recap of these steps? Check out the video below!

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