Do You Know Your Road Signs?

road signs

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Road signs are helpful methods to control the flow of traffic in a safe and orderly manner. It is important to understand what these road signs mean for them to become effective. When you don’t understand what the road signs mean, it could lead to possible accidents on the road, worsening of traffic, and fines.

This article will go through some of the common road signs. An important disclaimer is that this list is not exhaustive and you may still encounter plenty other road signs when driving around. There may also be a few road signs that may be unique to your own province, region, or country.

Stop Sign

Let’s start with the stop sign. When you see this stop sign, it means that you should do a complete stop. A rolling stop does not count as a complete stop. You are required to completely stop your car from moving and only proceed afterwards once it is safe to do so.

Yield Sign

The yield sign means that you should give way to traffic and proceed with caution. If there is another car at the intersection, you will have to stop and allow them to pass first.

Do Not Enter Sign

The do not enter sign does not need much explanation. It means that you should not enter here.

School Zone Sign

This means you have entered a school zone. Drive with caution as you slow down and watch out for children nearby.

Railway Crossing Sign

This means that there are train tracks ahead and you should slow down and look carefully before proceeding. If you could see a train approaching, be prepared to stop for safety.

Do Not Stop Sign

This sign tends to come in pairs. It means that you should not stop between this sign and the identical sign that comes after it. There are two variations to this sign: one with times stated below and one without. For the sign without any time, it means you should not stop here at all times, even if it were to quickly drop off or pick up a passenger. The sign with times tells you to not stop your car only for the specified time frame and days written at the bottom.

Do Not Park Sign

Similar to the previous sign, this sign is often also seen in pairs. It means that you should not park between the first and sign and the next identical sign. Unlike the previous sign though, you can use this area to drop off or pick up passengers, as long as you don’t use it to park your car. One variation of this sign tells you not to park at all times and the one with hours below tells you that those are the specific hours you are not allowed to park your car in the location.

Maximum Speed Limit Sign

This states the maximum speed limit for the current road you’re in. Never go above this speed limit.

Change of Speed Limit Sign

This sign notifies you that the speed limit will be changing ahead.

Bike Route Sign

The bike route sign lets you know that you are sharing the lane with bikers. Make room for bikers and be aware of your surroundings to not endanger the cyclists nearby.

Lane Use Sign

This sign indicates which type of vehicle is allowed to use the lane. One variation of this sign specifies which time frame and days the rules apply.

Yield to Bus Sign

This sign which is seen at the back of a bus reminds drivers to give way to the bus as the bus driver signals that they are leaving the bus stop.

Direction Road Signs

This is a compilation of directional road signs. These signs tell you which direction you’re not supposed to go through such as a left turn, driving through, a U-turn, and a right turn. The fourth example shows how some of these signs are only for certain time and days. The fifth sign tells drivers to not take a right turn when the traffic light is on red.

Do Not Pass Sign

This sign tells drivers to not pass on the road.

Right Lane Ends Sign

This sign warns the drivers that the right late will end ahead. This indicates that drivers on the right lane should prepare to merge to safely with the cars on the left lane.

School Crosswalk Ahead Sign

This informs drivers to be careful as there is a school crosswalk ahead. Watch out for children crossing and obey the directions of the crossing guard leading the children.

Sharing the Road Sign

This means that you are sharing the road with cars coming from the opposite direction. It is important to be careful and not collide with them.

More Road Signs

As mentioned at the start of the article, this is not an exhaustive list of all the road signs. Click here to view more of the road signs listed in the official MTO Handbook. Visit our website to also answer some home assignments that include some of the road signs.

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