Benefits Of Car Dash Cameras: The Innovative New Way to Promote Safer Driving

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What are Dash Cameras? 

Before jumping right into the benefits, what exactly is a dash camera? 

Dash cams, or cameras – which can also be referred to as an in-car camera – are connected to your car’s power supply and mounted up against your windscreen or dashboard. After being powered on, the dash camera films in short clips which load onto a micro SD card inside the device. Even after the dash camera fills up its data SD card, it records over the last clip to preserve space, that way the dash camera will always have room for more memory. 

Losing clips on a dash camera is the least of your worries as well. Luckily, these small cameras for your car lock video files and prevent them from being overwritten. Though the SD card may be full, the footage overriding each other in short segments are preserved safely on the dash camera for as long as you require. 

These dash cameras, of course, take photos of whatever you may encounter on your journeys. License plates, red-light cameras, specific intersection details, construction signs, you name it.

And all these photos will be as easily downloadable as the videos.

Some newer dash cameras that are more pricey can include features such as GPS tracking, G-sensors, speed sensors, and location identifications. There is even a way to sync certain dash cameras to your smartphone or computer through applications. The footage can be as easy to access as it would be just checking a text message. 

Now, knowing the ins and out of how dash cameras work, what is the benefit of owning one for yourself? For new drivers, and experienced drivers?

Dash Cameras: The Solution to Properly Recording Collisions and Road Conflicts

As technology evolves, the use of dash cameras in vehicles has become more frequent due to the convenience that they bring for drivers always on the go. When looking at the use of dash cameras, there are plenty of benefits. 

Firstly, using a dash camera can benefit your insurance. Some insurance companies offer premium discounts for people with a dash camera because it counts as a preventative measure. 

“All leading motor insurers are now accepting dash camera footage as evidence to be used in the event of a claim, some insurers even offer annual discounts of up to 20% to drivers who use a dash camera,” says Next Base.

Not only is it a safety measure, but you can save money by having a dash camera installed in your car.

Secondly, when thinking about dash cameras from a more everyday use perspective, your day-to-day driving can differ by having a dash camera. 

“The power a dash camera has to reward safe driving and punish dangerous habits behind the wheel naturally encourages drivers to use one to make better decisions,” says Money Shake

Some drivers may see having a dash camera similarly to having a daily scoring on how good their driving was for the day of their travel. Having a visual representation of your driving, and being fully aware that your driving is being recorded can provide a sense of precaution in drivers, ultimately resulting in safer driving.

Thirdly, it is great having a dash camera because of the fact they record footage of your every driving trip. Although this sounds excessive, in case of a collision, or any sort of driving incident to take a bad turn, the dash camera would have recorded all of the trips and be able to provide the insurance company with video proof of the driver’s case. 

As an example, a lot of dash camera users run into incidents where a pedestrian may intentionally bump into a driver’s vehicle, claiming to be injured. Having a dash camera can provide the jury with video proof that a pedestrian could be faking a car incident to claim financial compensation.

Another conflict could be if another driver attempts to commit a “hit and run”, where they may try to get away from paying insurance fees. Having a dash camera is crucial in conditions like this because missing the opportunity to get a picture of the other driver’s license plate could make a difference in the type of insurance fees you would have to face. 

In short, having a dash camera for daily use is useful, but you never truly know when a driving incident may come. Dash cameras become even better to have for emergencies and for evidence that could be used against other drivers, or even pedestrians. Without a dash camera to capture a crucial moment, you could face higher charges for incidents on the road that could be easily prevented with the right proof.

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